Niteco Charity Engagement Foundation (NICEF) is founded by Niteco Vietnam's members in 18th Dec, 2014. We're raising funds to help all people with difficulties in Vietnam as one of Niteco's Corporate Social Responsibility activities when established in Vietnam. The funding was first raised internally by all Niteco Vietnam's employees and our CEO - Mr. Pelle Niklasson. We’re looking forward to a continuous funding by external individuals and organizations as well and a continuous delivery plan of these funds for charity purposes.
1. Responsible

We're highly acknowledged of our responsibility when we carrying the value of your donations, and when we hold an activity to help people. We're responsible for what we've promised.
2. Ethical
We don't cheat, don't lie for personal benefits under the image of charity activities. We never force people to donate or steal from them to raise the funds. We give and deliver good things from generous heart.
3. Transparent
We promise to be transparent in every donations we receive, every activity we do, every step we take in every project through the year.
1. To eliminate hunger and alleviate poverty
2. To help in living standard enhancement
3. To act for the public health
4. To improve the public's awareness of society and charity
A Charity Foundation representing an FDI company that involves in the most appropriate practical activities to help people with difficulties in the host country, contributing to a better life globally.

Target $30000 Raised $18447.63 Start $0.00

We've Reached so Far

From the launching day until the latest status update on 11/02/2015, the total funds raised internally by Niteco's staffs have reached USD16426,78, a bit more than half way to the target amount. This contribution is made from 85 people donating 1 working day, 11 people donating 1 working hour, 2 working days from Ms. Dao Dinh – Niteco's Head of HR, 5 working days from Mr. Calvin Nguyen – Niteco's COO, VND36.800.000 cash donated by 20 Niteco employees and the top up with 1:2 ratio by Mr. Pelle Niklasson – Niteco's CEO. Thanks to the contribution of all donors we've done a great job. In the events mentioned on this site, we have raised more funds externally trying to meet the target amount. We promise to effectively and efficiently utilize this amount to help as many cases as we can during this Tet holiday.

NICEF Events

2nd September: The 2/9 Challenge
2nd September: The 2/9 Challenge
  • 30 Aug
  • 09:35:59
  • Ha Noi

The 2/9 challenge (held in celebration of Vietnam’s Independence Day) is NICEF’s campaign to raise funds for its meaningful activities. Tapping into the Niteco employees’ warm hearts, our

1st August: 3.Heart Surgery sponsorship (for Heart of Linnea)
1st August: 3.Heart Surgery sponsorship (for Heart of Linnea)
  • 28 June
  • 09:35:59
  • Ha Noi

Little Quàng Lan was born in 2013 in Thuận Châu district, Sơn La province. She belongs to the Thái minority tribe. She was born with the congenital heart problem of ventricular septal

Presents in the Night
Presents in the Night
  • 18 July
  • 09:35:59
  • Ha Noi

Despite being a top- priority urban area, Hanoi has been unable to provide for its many homeless people. NICEF was motivated to change this, starting from the smallest aid to Hanoi’s homel

23th May 2015: A child’s smile (Ta Khoan primary school)
23th May 2015: A child’s smile (Ta Khoan primary school)
  • 23 May
  • 06:00:00
  • Ta Khuan village, Son Thuy commune, Van Ban district, Lao Cai

In the mountainous region of Son Thuy, Lao Cai, children struggle to get to school. Some travel a dozen kilometers just to get to their classroom. The situation intensifies in winter as th

NICEF Causes

Homeless people in Hanoi

Another winter is coming. The blade of winter brings chilly wind, harsh rains and piercing cold to all corners land. As winter comes… Perhaps ...

$0.0 $600 $1500

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Children in the Highland

A day of school for highland students: Despite having to walk for half a day to school to acquire literacy, highland students are still determined to ...

$0.0 $535 $1500

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Heart of Linnea

This is the project of Linnea Niklasson to help children with heart problems in Vietnam. Poverty in rural Vietnam prevents children from getting the o ...

$0.0 $15000 $30000

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  • 13_64069_268510203275066_1547286004_n

    Bui Duc Trung

    The first child to receive a heart surgery through Heart of Linnea,

    “I went to re-examination in the hospital and the doctor said that: “I totally recovered”. Hence, I can come back to be a free bird, fly to wherever I want!“

  • hj__rtebarnet_019_800x533

    Linnea Niklasson

    Founder, Heart of Linnea

    “Poverty in rural Vietnam prevents children from getting the operation they need, so we are aiming to raise money to allow the children to be able to have the heart operation that will save their lives”

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